You're only working when you are networking.


If You Are Not Networking You Are Not Working

When I started out my business I went to various networking events. I was even a member of a local networking group that met every week for breakfast. The famous saying of “if you’re not networking you are not working” was my motto for business.

After my business became established I stopped going to networking events. Heck, I even stopped carrying (or printing) my business cards. Yet, something happened: referrals dried up, contacts lost touch, and generating new business became a hunt game instead of the receiving game that it once was. is reviving my networking efforts. It is an easy networking tool that’s relatively effortless and inexpensive, yet so effective.


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What is an Open Loop?

You experience an open loop when you are asked a question that you can’t stop thinking about until you find the answer. The classical open loop questions are age old ones like: “who am I?”, “what’s the purpose of my life?” “what is my fate?” etc. … These are questions that people have been trying to answer for millennia. creates an open loop that’s memorable

The card that brought you to this site created an open loop in your mind. It contained a catchy phrase, Please Hire Me, and was mysterious because there was very little information. A casual, non-threatening way to encounter a new idea. What harm could there be in checking it out, right? is an effective embedded command is a simple URL that compels its readers to take action: to see what the plea is about. It’s emotionally safe to distribute because you are not going to be judged. You can distribute a thousand of these cards and you will likely get 960 smiles for how cleverly simple yet curious it is. It’s a great way to get the word out about your services without being salesy towards, imposing on, or inconveniencing anyone.

“ is a perfect way to network without any of the pains of networking.” -- Al Einstein



The open loop system works. It’s built into the human psyche and we all use it every day. Putting the open loop system to work for you usually takes lots of copy writing and advertising know-how. With the simple cards that lead the reader to look up a URL you can get back to the basics of networking without the drudge work of attending endless meetings.

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I started my marketing business after tiring of the constant corporate politics and having my fate in other people’s hands.

I have done digital marketing and advertising through my company SalesX, located half way between Silicon Valley and San Francisco. SalesX is a Google Premier Partner and winner of the 2016 US Search Awards for best Pay Per Click Agency. grew from my desire to help small shops, or single individuals, successfully find gigs, build up their business, and get new clients.



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